Aqua Splash And Dash Clear Coat Friendly Car Wash

Welcome To Splash And Dash Car Wash!

Aqua Splash And Dash uses only the highest quality products and materials with every wash. Our state-of-the-art Ryko Clean Touch Automatic Car Wash with FoamBrite polymer brushes protects your car better than any other car wash in Bay County.
Traditional automatic car wash brushes absorb sand and dirt that will scratch your paint and clear coat. Aqua Splash And Dash’s new innovative automatic car wash is the only car wash in the area using FoamBrite polymer brushes. These gentle brushes are sand & dirt resistant to protect your paint and clear coat from scratches while simultaneously cleaning and polishing your vehicle.

Aqua Splash & Dash Car Wash also has 3 self-serve bays, large enough to accommodate RV, Trailers & Large Boats. After a day on the water, bring your boat in for a wash and Marine Flush. We know that you want to protect your Boats, motorhomes and trailers so we built our carwash to fit larger vehicles.

We use eco-friendly Turtle Wax® detergents and cleaning products for all of our washes.

Your safety is important to us. At Aqua Splash And Dash Car Wash, you are protected by a state of the art 24 Hour security surveillance system.